Plumes between tradition and innovation

Kaweco is a writing-tool factory founded in 1883 in Heidelberg, a region that will become the heart of the pen industry in Germany.

After being forced to close down several times, in particular because of inflation in the 1920’s, the company had many different owners. However, as from 1995 it has been run by the excellent company H&M Gutberlet.

Kaweco celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2013, and continues to offer quality products. They are precise, simple and innovative, and have gained recognition throughout the world among professionals as well as pen-lovers.

Within the large range of products, the sports collection is recognizable for its octagonal lines, and remains an iconic product of Kaweco.

« Kaweco products are very easy to hold and use, qualitatively high-grade and visually enticing, with a unique design. »

Michael Gutberlet

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