Gitman Vintage

One of the last shirtmaker in the US

Founded in 1948, Gitman Bros. is one of the last remaining American shirt makers with all manufacturing still based in the USA. While their methods have evolved with the times, the trademark aspects of their production remain. All the shirts are made by workers who have been sewing clothing for generations and bring all their history and skill to each individual garment they make.

Gitman Vintage, an original and authentic interpretation of the past

Gitman Vintage, a division of Gitman Bros., is a curated shirt collection that pays tribute to its heritage, but with a distinct difference. Each season, the Gitman team dust off the old line books to create an authentic interpretation of the past by appropriating their favorite fabrics and having them remade.

It fits just right

Each of their shirts is made with the utmost attention to detail using time-tested methods of construction and finishing. Using the knowledge and experience gained throughout their history, the fit have been updated for a more contemporary silhouette. With a trim body, higher armhole and narrower sleeve, it’s neither super-slim nor crazy boxy. In other words, it fits just right.

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