Inis Meáin

Wool & Cashmere Hat : Black

79,17 €

Originally made for the Irish fishermen of Aran Islands as they sailed out to sea, it keeps you warm and protects you from weather changes. Knitted in the most beautiful wools carefully selected into the finest European and South American mills, the Inis Meain hats are both very robust and with a soft touch.

  • 70% Superfine Merino 30% Cashmere
  • Black
  • One size
  • Handmade on Inis Meain Island, Ireland

About Inis Meáin

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About Inis Meáin

The story of an archipelago

The Aran archipelago is at the mouth of Galway Bay, in Ireland. It is composed of the Inis Mór, Inis Oírr and Inis Meàin Islands. They are about 200 people living on Inis Meàin Island.

As the main resource of the island is fishing, the population developed a specific craftsmanship related to this activity and this activity: the production of patterned jumpers. Each family mastered a pattern that helped identify the fishermen in case of accident: it was the beginning of the Aran jumper.

In the 70’s, Tarlach de Blacam founded Inis Meàin to support jobs creation in Aran Islands. The 1979 oil crisis in its highest, the company had to export and reposition itself in the market. Unsurprisingly, Inis Meàin became successful and a craftsmanship reference.

The renewal of an authentic product

Aran jumpers use traditional patterns such as the honeycomb, cable or zig zag. Tarlach de Blacam goes even further when using the local craftsmanship to innovate and reinvent fits as well as patterns.

The fibres used are also diversified: ‘thick’ wool, which was used in the past, has been replaced by thinner fibers like cashmere, baby alpaca or more traditionally virgin wool.

The signature of Inis Meàin - an upside down currach (a traditional fishing boat) - guarantees that the product has been manufactured in the Aran Islands.


« With some brands, the attempts to keep heritage alive can feel forced, but with Inis Meáin it feels nothing but genuine and beautiful. »

Rebecca Milnes