Johnstons of Elgin

200 years ago 

Alexander Johnston established the Elgin Mill on the banks of the river Lossie in Scotland over two centuries ago, founding a legacy of fine craft and exquisite fabric

Over two hundred years of tradition and expertise in textile manufacturing and for them, luxury begins with outstanding craftsmanship, using the highest quality, natural fibers.

A World leading company for cashmere and woolens

Their dedication, patience and love for their craft allow them to lead the world in cashmere and woollens, sourcing only the finest raw fibers available and supplying the world's top luxury brands.

Johnstons of Elgin has been awarded the Royal warrant of appointment as manufacturers of estate tweed HRH The Prince of Wales, Duke of Rothesay.

This leading position is possible thanks to devoted craftspeople, some of whom have been honing their skills with Johnstons of Elgin for almost 50 years.

Their expert craftsmen take pride in every thread, every twist, every yarn and every stitch, from raw fiber in the wool store to perfected garment on the showroom floor. From dyeing to blending, carding to spinning, warping to weaving, knitting to teaseling and cutting to folding – it all happens in their own mills in the heart of Scotland.

They are the only manufacturer in Scotland to maintain the capability to take natural fibers from their raw state, through every stage of the process, to perfectly finished products.

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