Quoddy for BEIGE

A Maine Shoemaker

“On the nearby Maine shore, West Quoddy Head Light has seen its share of shifting tides and rough waters. Through them all, even as its light evolved from whale oil to LEDs, it steadfastly fulfills its mission.
We’ve weathered a few rough waters at Quoddy, too. And like the Light, we’re steadfast in our mission: to provide exceptionally durable, traditionally built footwear.” Kirsten and Kevin Shorey, Quoddy’s owners.

The Hands on the Tools

In their Lewiston workshop, artisans handcraft shoes in the same manner as generations before them. Interestingly, some of the machines they utilize are the very same ones used a century ago by their predecessors. Crafting a Quoddy shoe involves more than just manual labor; it requires keen eyes and sound judgment. Each artisan is capable of constructing a shoe from scratch, and if at any stage the shoe fails to meet Quoddy's quality standards, anyone has the authority to reject it.


When they hear “moccasin,” most people think of a shoe with a comfortable, one-piece, wrap-around sole that cradles your foot. Quoddy are building the main part of their shoes exactly like that. Then depending on the use and the model, they durably attach an outer sole.

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