A multi-factor story

Newport Abbot, 1904, the Parkin brothers witnessed the invention of the first motorcars with half a hood, which left the passengers at the mercy of bad weather. The three brothers conceived a reversible coat: the right side was in tweed for an urban attire and the reverse side in gabardine to protect against bad weather.

As an allusion to this first creation, very innovative at the time, the Parkin brothers called their company Invertère, from the latin inverto, which means to reverse.

Until now, the Invertère manufacture evolved in several groups, in particular under the name Westcountry Clothing Ltd. In 2001 and then in 2003, Graham and Peta Shaw bought up first Westcountry Clothing Ltd and then The Invertère Company from Moorbrook Textiles.

From father to son, the Shaw family has been working for Invertère since 1948.

Made in England: long-lasting products and timeless styles

As from 1948 Walter Sawtell, who then owned the company, opened the range of products to the worlds of hunting and travelling. Invertère offers duffle-coats, trench-coats and hunting jackets in the purest of English tradition.

The materials - tweeds, gabardines or corduroy – are also a proof of the British origin of the brand.

Alan Flusser, one of the most influential journalist in the world of classic men’s elegance, highlighted Invertère in his book Style and the Man: How and Where to Buy Fine Men's Clothes.


Since 1904 everything is done to maintain the level of quality of the products, from the fit to the sewing and the finish. The Invertère technology is absolutely timeless.

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